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Infrared Saunas


Infrared saunas are an effective tool for natural healing and prevention. Infrared light has the ability to penetrate human tissue which in turn produces a host of anti-aging health benefits making infrared saunas one of the “hottest” home therapies for overall healthier living. If you want to get yourself back into balance, an infrared saunamay be the ticket to achieving your wellness goals.

Skin Purification

Studies have shown that infrared sauna reduces, cellulite, acne and fine wrinkles in woman after consistent use over time. 


Weight Loss

Increases cardiac output, heart rate and metabolism.

Burn calories after your workout while relaxing for a 30 minute session. A Sunlight Sauna session will enhance your ability to make your weight loss goals.

Pain Relief

Studies have shown that infrared sauna assists in the reduction of inflammation and soreness through direct action on the free nerve endings.


Sauna sessions are effective means of mitigating stress. Not managing stress is widely believed to be more dangerous than smoking or high cholesterol. A 20-year research study by the University of London found that unmanaged reactions to stress were w more dangerous risk factor for cancer and heart disease than either cigarette smoking or high cholesterol foods.



In one study performed by American researchers, the sweat of people using a conventional sauna was found to be 96% water while the sweat of those using and infrared sauna was 83% water with the non-water portion principally cholesterol, fat soluble toxins, toxic heavy metals, sulfuric acid, sodium, ammonia and uric acid. This unusually high concentration of heavy metals and other fat soluble toxins is not found in the sweat from normal exercise.

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